We have to be a bridge to mediate these encounters provide more fun than pleased to meet you. The bridge has an important role in connecting people and goods and culture. We are going to realize from the proposed sale of products and a variety of materials and technologies to utilize the keywords the BridgE.

KENICHIRO OOMORI | Product designer

Born in Tokyo in 1975. Graduated from the Departmento of inndustrial Design, NIhon University College of Art. 2009, Design office established. We are designing products such as tableware and furniture using traditipnal craft ttechniques. 2007-, Technical advisor , the Depaertment of Design, NIhon University College of Arts. 2019-. Part-time lecturer at Department of Environmental Design, Showa Woman's University.

Design Plus 2015
YOSHIDA Porcelain design competition, Outstanding performance award.2016
APAC insider Business Awards 2020

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