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This is cutlery wrest for the chopsticks and the spoon&fork that the usage if the top and bottom is returned are had both.
Designer | Kenichiro Oomori
| size : 80*18*20 |
| material : Wood, Urushi |


This is a stacking low chest that doesn't choose the place and adjusts to various spaces. And it can use as the side table.
Designer | Kenichiro Oomori
| size : 700*700*270 |
| material : Wood, Glass |

Crater clock

This is a wall clock like Crater that integrates with spaciousness. Not only the movement of the needle but also the shadow can feel the change of time.
Designer | Kenichiro Oomori
| size : 290*290*50 |
| material : AM-PVC |


This chair is a bench chair for two people consisting of solid wood and ciaer plastic. This is considered a variety of usage such as leaning to the side and you sit sideways.
Designer | Kenichiro Oomori
| size : 680*1340*480 |
| material : Wood, Polycarbonate |

Crater trey

This is stationery tray. We can put a variety of stationery utilizing the difference in height in shape.
Designer | Kenichiro Oomori
| size : 75*355*175 |
| material : AM-PVC |

Expand lamp

This is knitted lampshades made ​​from waterproof yarn. Has become difficult even with that there is a water-repellent dust. It can be folded small and light spread.
Designer | Kenichiro Oomori
| size : 570*350 |
| material : knit, Spring wire, Acril |

Drape cover

Designer | Kenichiro Oomori
|size: 75*355*175|
| material : AM-PVC |